Confirming your 2023-2024 Queen s Harbour Yacht Club Membership


Welcome - Queen’s Harbour Yacht Club Members!
2023 is underway with both Water and Land events.  Our activity year runs from April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024. THANK YOU for joining!

Please tell your QHYCC neighbors and friends - - Member dues for 2023-2024 remain $230, for the third year in a row.  Membership is only open to:
  • Queen's Harbour Residents in good standing, or
  • Social Members of the Country Club in good standing, or
  • Vessel Slip Lessees at the QHYCC Marina, in good standing. 
QHYC officers reserve the opportunity to review all membership requests. 

What is covered by the Membership Dues?
  • Insurance for the safety of our social club.
  • Club Business Filing Fees, Professional Fees, etc.
  • First Mates’ Monthly Activity Fee
  • Captains’ Crew Quarterly Activity Fee
  • Advance purchase of items for Member events
  • Sponsorship of the 29th Annual Christmas Lighted Boat Parade in partnership with the QHYCC POA.
  • Sponsorship of the Annual Christmas Lighted Dock Competition.
  • Annual Member Meeting - appetizers
  • Annual New Member Meeting - appetizers
  • A significant portion of the annual members only – Commodore’s Ball/Gala.
We have members who have been a part of the Queens Harbour Yacht Club for 29 years and the average member has been involved for more than 16 years. It has never been a requirement to own a boat! 

The Queen's Harbour Yacht Club is the oldest social club in the community and the only registered "501(c)(7)" social organization.  Because QHYC is a 501(c)(7), we maintain a limited reserve and expense all funding directly to the activities of the membership on an annual basis. There are no capital assets - only boating and social activities organized for members.  QHYC Financials are available for review by contacting the Treasurer. 

Officers - 2023-2024
  • Judy Ellis, Commodore
  • Bob Botkin, Vice Commodore
  • Robert Candler, Rear Commodore
  • Gwen Gloeckner, Secretary
  • Pat Brown, Treasurer
Past Commodore – 2022-2023 – Dennis Stokowski

Activity Chairs
  • Genesis Candler and Judy Ellis - First Mates’
  • Robert Candler – Captains’ Quarterly Crew
Founding Member - QHYCC Harbormaster, David Cawton
Honorary Annual Member - Harbormaster – Jason Dame

Typically, you will receive an email every couple of weeks.  Our communication does fall under the Florida law so members must opt-in in to follow the spam laws of the state of Florida.

Electronic Opt-In:
  • You agree by registering your email that you have opted to receive electronic communications from Queen's Harbour Yacht Club.
  • Occasionally, QHYC will send links for updating profile membership and event information.
  • If you opt in using multiple emails - it may confuse the system.  We recommend you delete your profile first before updating to a new email.
  • Check Spam & Junk and reset these to your regular inbox to continue to receive our emails.
  • Note: If you choose not to open YC emails - this can drop you off the mailing and you will need to opt out and opt back in - so please open your emails as often as you can. 
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